Thursday, January 24, 2013

Most Memorable Meals - Central and South America

Sorry I haven't been here for a while. I don't really have a good excuse other than I am lazy. I know you'll forgive me, right?

The travel continues. After six weeks in Chile (the longest we've spent anywhere except Canada so far) we are headed to Argentina, and Buenos Aires stole my heart. There's just something sexy about the city of tango. After Argentina, we crossed over to Brazil, skipped across the pond, and are now wandering around Europe.

When I talk to friends and family about our travel, the topic of food almost always comes around. I love food. I love eating. Due to our budget, Husband and I try to find the most reasonable ways to eat while travelling, which usually involves some combination of street food, self-catering from our hostel, or walking around and looking for whatever place currently has the most locals eating there. This method has led us to some pretty amazing meals and also some not so much. Here are some of the highlights of our eating adventures in Central and South America. Sadly, some of the photos were lost, but you have Google image search, so you'll be ok.

Mexico - Esquites (street food)

It's a cup filled with corn, mayonnaise, lemon juice, and topped with chile powder. I don't think I need to explain why that's delicious.

Colombia - Menu Ejecutivo at La Mana, San Gil

Strangely I can't find any pictures of the actual food, but here is a shot of La Mana.

This wasn't so much about the meal itself, though the food was delicious. This is a common sort of set menu including salad, soup, bread, a main course, dessert and a drink for a very reasonable price. I think Colombians are on to something here.

Peru - Papa Rellena (street food)

Let's take mashed potatoes and shape them into a ball. Wait, let's fill the mashed potato ball with seasoned ground beef, onions, and egg. Shouldn't we deep fry that and cover it with mayonnaise? Yes, let's do that.

Peru - 1/4 Roasted Chicken

You can eat roast chicken pretty much anywhere, but I have never had a chicken cooked as well as this with a choice of delicious sauces.

Chile - Lomito at Lomit's, Punta Arenas

For east coast Canadians out there, this tastes like a Halifax donair if you made it into a sandwich, but without the signature donair sauce.

Chile - Torremoto (street drink)

I need to say thanks to whoever came up with this one because it combines two of my most favorite things: wine and ice-cream. Homemade white wine topped off with a scoop of pineapple ice-cream, they call it an "earthquake."

Argentina - Asado (street food)

Simple. Elegant. Grilled meat.

Brazil - Churrascaria

Again with the meat. I can hear my colon crying.

I'll try to do another delicious recap at the end of our time in Europe.
And let me know if you've had any amazing eats that we should try while we're in Europe!

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